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Who Am I ?

We all have a Story ...and we all want to celebrate the uniqueness of our Families..”Our Stories” ….

and answer the questions “ Who Am I?” and “How Did I get here”

I am Bernadette O’Brien Thompson and I started “Tell Me Our Story” a Genealogy and Family research service.

I started Tell Me Our Story because of the passion I felt on my journey to discover my own family history. And as that was happening I understood how important and how comforting knowing the family story can be.

Our mission is to help families tell their stories and leave legacies through genealogy, oral histories and photographs. We do this by guiding you as you gather the information you already have and providing the research that is needed to move the story forward. This is uniquely different for every family.

It all starts with a conversation… and then a memory... and then a question. We can help you continue the conversation.

..Add to the memory

..Answer the questions

I look forward to getting started with you,


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