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What if uncovering the stories of your Ancestral past began the path toward Ancestral Healing?

Updated: Mar 14

Uncovering even one story can truly bring healing.

We all have the story we imagined about our life and when you experience a great loss, that story changes dramatically. You may feel lost and uncertain about this new path you are on and the grief your are feeling.  This is about taking the journey to look at your grief and loss in a different way. You are part of a bigger story that is woven together from countless generations. Your Ancestral stories are a part of you. You will feel the connection. It can bring rich meaning and healing to your life and help you understand the loss or the great changes in your life that you have experienced. When you discover, your Ancestors, your Ancestral lineage you will see the  grief and loss they may have faced but you will also understand their resilience and how they moved forward.

 As a genealogist I will guide your through the discoveries uncovering the stories of your ancestors that are found in records and documents that have been saved.

As someone who is certified to guide and support those in the grieving process and  who has experienced personal deep grief, I will help you explore the mind, body and spiritual connections of grief with knowledge and compassion. 

Wherever you are in your journey, I will meet you there...


I offer a Free Guide to get started:

And a Free Introductory session:

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