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   Ancestral Healing 
...A path to discovery


Ancestral Healing is understanding and releasing inherited wounds and traumas that have been passed down by our ancestors. It is the first step to healing.  Understanding the impact the lives of our ancestors have had on our lives and lives of our family.  This is about build your family tree to uncover the deeper hidden stories.  


We will answer questions you have about your family and discuss the types of ancestral trauma they may have experienced. Often with these answers comes compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others. 

​(video recording of session is available and included)



Moving Forward...
Creating a Dream


I am your guide and coach in this one on one experience. We will use a framework that begins with understanding your Ancestral past and moves to creating a life you would love.  It is deepening awareness of who you are today to help manage grief and loss and transitions in your life.  It is a step by step process to help you truly understand your dream and plan on how to get there. It is a safe place for self discovery as you explore your life using compassion, wisdom, forgiveness, loving kindness and resilience to enhance your spiritual journey. It will help you move through challenges of change and uncertainty and back into a life of confidence and purpose.

(video recording  of session is available and included)



Coming soon! Tell Me Our Story - A Class  of Ancestral Healing and Self-Discovery

This will be a 12 week online program. Our focus will be on discovering our Ancestral past for healing and an understanding of who we are today. It is a spiritual journey and as you move through challenges of grief, loss, change and uncertainty, we will explore compassion, wisdom, forgiveness, and resilience. We will then begin a step by step journey to explore and create the life you have always dreamed . That dream is still there and there is a path to get there. It is the life you would love to live.

This will be a very safe place to explore where you are today and who you would love to become. 

My hope is that we will become an Ancestral healing community to support and care for each other along the way. 


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