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Ancestral Healing 
Genealogy ... the path to discovery

Ancestral Healing is understanding and releasing inherited wounds and traumas that have been passed down by our ancestors. Many of us have never thought about the impact the lives of our ancestors have had on us.  Or thought there was a way to discover what they experienced.  Genealogy is a tool of discovery to build your family tree and uncover the hidden stories.  


This session will allow you to ask the questions about your family and what types of ancestral trauma they may have experienced. It will help you understand more what Genealogy can discover and what taking a deeper Ancestral Healing Journey may offer you.

​(video recording of session is available and included)

90 minute  Introductory Session - $185

90 minute Session followed by 5 hours of Genealogy research- $999


Understanding Grief  
and the Mind, Body and Spirit Connection

Grief is anguish experienced after significant loss.  Grief is complicated but there are ways to explore and understand your grief. As someone who has experienced deep loss, I know how difficult it can be to take even one step. 


You will explore the many sides of grief and get answers to questions that come up as you navigate each side. Questions like... Why am I so anxious? How can I be so tired?  Why did this happen to me? Is there a Heaven?  Can they send me a sign they are ok?  The exploration of your grief and this new journey you are on, is what is needed to heal. As you learn more and understand the process, you will begin to take steps forward again. 


(video recording  of session is available and included)


90 minute session - $185​

6 weekly - 90 minute sessions- $999


A Deeper Journey into Ancestral Healing and understanding the Mind, Body, Spiritual connection with Grief

This is the most comprehensive package  to help those that want a deeper understanding of their family and deeper understanding of their grief. It will begin by discovering your family story and creating your family tree. Focusing on the stories that will help you understand the experiences of your ancestors that may have been passed down. This may include struggles and trauma but they may also  have had resilience that has been passed down to guide you in your grief. 

We will also explore the Mind, Body and Spiritual side of grief. Your journey through grief is unique and we will explore all of your questions and ways to move forward that work for you.

Grief doesn’t go away. It is a living breathing emotion that will stay with you the rest of your life but understanding how grief shows up will begin a process of healing so you can move forward. 

To Learn more book a 30 minute free session

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