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I started Tell Me Our Story because of the passion I felt on my journey to discover my own family history. Like all of you, it started with a conversation and some questions. I was able to answer those questions with the help and guidance of many genealogists along the way. As that was happening, I understood how important and how comforting knowing the family story can be.  Guiding others through this process is truly rewarding and something I hope will bring understanding of not only the amazing stories of families but of the healing that can happen when we know the story.

Bernadette O'Brien Thompson

Bernadette’s passion for genealogy and her Irish family history began when she found the notes that her great-aunt Sr. Mary Louise had left about her family history. That discovery gave her a deep desire for wanting to know more, the whole story.  Tracing back was challenging taking her from New York, to England and Scotland. But as the research was coming together she learned her patience and attention to detail was rewarded and in the end, all roads lead to Ireland and told the incredible story of famine families who made it through those devastating times. 

As a Genealogist Bernadette’s focus has been on  and understanding the story of our Ancestors and how it impacts ours lives today. Our ancestors pass down many things as we all know when someone gets "Uncle Larry's ears".  But we have come to learn that unresolved trauma that they experienced can be passed down as well.  She helps clients discover their family story through the many documents, historical databases, newspaper articles and archives that can be searched. This gives clients a deeper understanding of the lives of their ancestors and a deeper meaning to their lives and often begins the process of Ancestral Healing. 


Her Certification as an End of Life Doula from the Larner College of Medicine at University of Vermont  has increased her understanding of grief as she compassionately guides families to understand their emotions that often come up as the stories and pictures emerge of families past or as they worry about the loss of the last storyteller. 

Bernadette is passionate about finding the information buried in a document that truly captures the family story and brings to life the family legacy.  Her reward is helping families connect past, present, and future generations.



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