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Bernadette O'Brien Thompson

Bernadette  Thompson is the owner of Tell Me Our Story Genealogy & Ancestral Healing. She is a genealogist who trained in Grief and Trauma and who focuses on Ancestral healing. She is certified, through the University of Vermont Professional End of Life Doula program, to help those who are grieving to understand the mind body, and spirit connection of grief. Bernadette began her career as a genealogist over 15 years ago, yet it was through the trauma and grief of losing her husband to alcoholism that she began to feel the deep connection that she had with her ancestors. As she looked back at their stories, she felt a very personal connection with them and understood their traumas, triumphs, and resilience in a very real way. They physically made her aware they were surrounding and guiding her, as the healing was beginning.


With knowledge and compassion, Bernadette uncovers the ancestral stories that are found in records and documents and helps build a family tree to hold the knowledge in a special place. It is beginning  of the Ancestral Healing process that can bring peace and forgiveness along with the knowledge that we also carry the blessings of our Ancestors. It is her sincere desire to help those who are going through grief and trauma, to understand how deeply connected we are to our ancestors, how transformational the healing is and that opening ourselves up to our Ancestral connection, leads us to a deeper understanding of who we are as spiritual beings. 

(Bernadette is also skilled in working with DNA results as a tool for genealogy research and has help many families with Adoption to understand their family background)


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