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We all have a story...

Whether we think about it or have asked questions or not ..we all have a story. We often think of ourselves as coming into this world because of two biological parents whether we know both of them or not. And we often only think of our parents as the two people in the world that had something to do with our birth and then the rest is up to us.

The truth is we are born with a story. And our story includes the stories of those that came before us. We are genetically and spiritually connected to those ancestors. We can see the physical traits that have been passed down. In our family it is Uncle Larry’s ears. But what also is passed down is the wisdom and the hope and the sadness and the joy of the lives that came before.

Not every person is born to a famous ancestor although actually most of us can find a connection to at least one! But the experiences of the ancestors we are born to, are passed down to us…. Like the courage to leave the homeland. It could have been the promise of a new beginning or because of war or famine and they were being driven out. But they came. They came on a boat with a few dollars in their pocket and as many family members as they could. They got off the boats with essentially nothing and they came to build a new life.

You are part of that life. No matter how many generations you are from that ancestor you were in the minds of those that made the journey. And you continue their story.

Discover your story…

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