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Is Connecting with our Ancestors a Spiritual connection?

Is connecting with our ancestors a spiritual connection?

We connect with Our Ancestors as we build a family tree. Their stories, their lives guide us and help us understand who we are and how we came to be. They are the heart of our family trees. What I have come to discover is, they guide me as I search for their story, your story. As a genealogist, I have many times been led to the document that is needed to solve the mystery or make the important connection that was needed to continue the ancestral line. I have felt their presence. And as I have journeyed to help you discover your stories they have provided guidance along the way. Sometimes it is subtle guidance, a feeling like..."don’t add that person it is not the right family" ...or sometimes they are louder and they send me to look for something in a place it shouldn't be.

We have a spiritual connection with them. You have a spiritual connection with them.

I ask them for help. And they are not here just to build the family tree. They are here for us to know that we live on after death and that we are always connected. The separation between here and the other side is much closer then you may imagine and the ancestors are here to be guides. You may just learn from their life experiences or they may have a bigger plan and want to connect in a different way.

As I journey through 2023, I hope to have more conversations with you about the spiritual connection of our ancestors and how genealogy and building a family tree can foster that connection. Some of you may already have stories and I would love to hear them. And for others that may not have felt those connections yet, we will have some conversations that may help to begin the process of opening up... a little bit at a time.

I hope 2023 brings you Healing and much Joy! Happy New Year!

We will talk again soon,


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