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Indigenous Storytelling...The Wisdom of the Stars

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

We live in a very linear world, where everything is a step by step process. We live in the here and now. Our minds like that because we know what to expect but that sometimes comes with the idea that nothing will ever change.

True growth though comes when we allow ourselves to use our imaginations. When we dream, we create. We create a better world for ourselves and for those around us. Growth comes when we can see ourselves in another light where our wounds are healed and our ideas for the future are abundant and full of life.

Many of us, have lost that ability in our everyday lives to imagine and create. But if we look to the indigenous peoples of the world we get a glimpse of how they navigated their lives with rich stories and traditions that were used to show the path for their journey in this world. The stories were alive and had imagination to help them create their lives in this world, this journey.

They used the Wisdom of the Stars... and it was told in stories..

They used creation stories that explain the origins of the world and their people. Their oral traditions were rich in myths and legends that often feature heroes, and heroines that conveyed important moral and cultural lessons.

They recounted the history of a people, including migration stories, significant events, and the deeds of ancestors, and often maintain detailed oral histories and genealogies to trace their lineage and connections to specific places.

Rituals, including religious and spiritual ceremonies, were passed down and were essential for maintaining cultural and spiritual connections.

Indigenous cultures often use poetry and song to convey stories, emotions, and teachings. These are often performed during ceremonies and gatherings. And one of the most important is the knowledge of traditional medicines and healing is shared, helping new generations continue the healing.

Many of these indigenous practices are carried on today. They provides Ancestral Healing to their people. When communities or families come together to share the wisdom and the stories, the healing begins, even when those stories are hard to hear.

It is why Genealogy and Ancestral Healing are partnered together. When the stories haven't been passed down... we need to look deeper and find them ourselves.

Let me be your guide on that journey.

If you would like to know more about Ancestral Healing you can find more at my website.

Genealogy & Ancestral Healing

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I am also holding an online Ancestral Healing Workshop Sunday November 5th 1pm Pacific/ 4pm Eastern detail below

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Tell Me Our Story- Genealogy/Ancestral Healing

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