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The Wisdom of your Ancestors

When you think about your ancestors their lives seem very far away. But they are you … you are them... Those who came before you… were just like you. They lived the life that was given to them in the same way that you do. Taking each day and doing the best they could. You feel a deep connection with them because you share many things including DNA and that bonds you..

You want to know their stories because it helps you with yours. Many of them did courageous things… You do courageous things. Those connections go very deep.

When you look back at closer generations including your parents or grandparents you know a little bit more historically about what they went through. You learned about WWII, you learned about the depression. With that knowledge it helps you understand better the way they lived; their lives and why you live the way you do.

It is the wisdom of the ancestors though, that seems to help most when you need deep strength. It is the collective wisdom. You often look at your heritage and the struggles a particular group of ancestors encountered when you are looking back. Most of us come from diverse backgrounds so you have the wisdom of many ancestral stories in which to turn. You use their guidance in celebrations too. Celebrations are an important part of life because in each life wonderful things happen. You honor their traditions; you name your children after them. You receive many things from them

But it is often a few ancestors that stand out and guide you on your journey. They speak to you. You know them because you are drawn to them.. Their story. You may have followed in their path or felt a deep yearning to know more about them..

Let’s talk more about them.. Share your stories…your connection with your ancestors.

We will talk again soon,


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