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Can Ancestral Healing help me move past what is holding me back?

Updated: Jun 15

Big powerful things in our lives can stop us, keeping us from moving forward and believing in our dreams.

Can Ancestral Healing help us move through those powerful things, help us move forward and begin to dream again?

When your life changes, it leaves you with many questions. How do I move forward and heal?

We all have a story we imagine about our lives until that story changes. Then confusion, uncertainty, and grieving the loss of the dream sets in. And in those quiet moments, you feel alone and scared about the future. I understand this because my story changed. My husband passed away six years ago from Alcoholism. When came to me and told me he was sick I knew my life had changed. In that moment, I thought we could fix it but it was not to be. Like you, I had all the emotions and questions about what was to come next.

It can leave you feeling physically exhausted...All of your feelings of anxiety, loneliness, exhaustion and not being able to move forward are normal. It is your reaction to the grief and trauma you have experienced that is too overwhelming for you to process all at once.  You may feel like you have lost your sense of self. There is a path to healing. It starts with understanding the past that is deeply connected and then beginning a new path to create the life you dream of.

Discovering the stories of your ancestral past, open you up to Ancestral Healing and a deepens your understanding of who you are. It's about helping you make sense of the emotional impact of your ancestors lives, uncovering what may have been passed down, and expanding your connection with your ancestors.   This exploration is a spiritual journey that will help you move through challenges of grief, loss, change and uncertainty. It will change the way you see yourself and begin the journey of creating the dream that you may have left in the past.

 As an intuitive guide and coach, I will guide you through a practice focused on Ancestral healing and creating a vision that you can follow . It will be a journey to discover the stories of your ancestral past opening you up to Ancestral Healing and a deeper understanding of who you are. I will help you make sense of the emotional impact their lives have had on you, uncovering what may have been passed down, and expanding your connection with your ancestors.  It is a spiritual journey and as you move through challenges of grief, loss, change and uncertainty we will use compassion, wisdom, forgiveness, and resilience. And begin a step by step journey to explore and create the life you have always dreamed . That dream is still there and this is the path that will lead you there. 

It helped me...

I have taken this ancestral healing journey. Looking back helped me understand who I am.  As learned more, I understood more about myself, and my view of the world.  It gave me solid ground to stand on. I learned the ancestral trauma they had experienced; and the emotions that were passed down to me. I learned about their triumphs and their resilience which I now rely on. I felt a deep spiritual connection with my ancestors, that their spirit was around me and guiding me.  It was there that I began to reclaim my dream. I learned how to vision to create a life that I love.

Together you will journey towards understanding and healing, and create a vision, a plan so you can move forward in your life, a life you have dreamed of.

I invite you to connect with me. There is so much to explore about what holds you back from creating the life you would love. Let's have a conversation, join me in a free discovery call

Or Join me in a few I hold a free "Ancestral Healing and Visioning Workshop", Wednesday June 25, 2024. 90 minute workshop beginning at 2pm ET (11am PT). You will leave not only with information on the power of Ancestral Healing, you will also receive a step by step plan for visioning that will help you begin to move forward to a life you will Love.

Who am I? : I am Bernadette Thompson owner of Tell Me Our Story, Ancestral Healing. I am an Intuitive, Grief, Spiritual, Life Coach, for those seeking guidance through difficult times. I use Ancestral Healing to help you heal the past, and discover ways to move forward with your life. With a degree in Psychology and Professional certifications in grief and trauma, I have spent over 20 years helping middle school students and elders through some of life’s most difficult transitions. I hold an End of Life Doula professional certification, from the University of Vermont. I am also a trained genealogist, helping people discover the records and documents that tell their family’s story guiding them with the knowledge of their ancestors. 

With deep appreciation,


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