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Ancestral Healing... A Hero's Journey?

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

A Hero's Journey is an adventure into the unknown where lessons are learned, truth is understood, and return you home transformed....

Ancestral healing is a practice that involves acknowledging, honoring, and healing the wounds

and traumas that have been passed down through generations. We carry these wounds and traumas within our families and our bodies just like you have your grandmother’s eyes and Uncle Larry’s ears.

How does Ancestral Healing and a Hero's Journey intersect? It happens when we stumble upon questions that seem impossible to answer, or we feel a deep yearning for something we can't quite grasp. We often find ourselves wrestling with issues that seem to have no clear origin in our personal lives. These might be patterns of behavior, emotional triggers, or even physical ailments that seem to have no explanation. You may already have questions or you may have just a underlying sense of a story you don't know... something not shared and maybe has been kept a secret.. Trauma lives in that silence. The kind of trauma that was felt but never explained. We grew into adults, shouldering a legacy of pain we never fully comprehend. It's like a torch passed down, carrying the weight of history.

This is where the The Hero's journey begins ....In truth, we are all living a hero's journey of our own. It is your inner hero's call to action. It is like a hidden invitation to explore uncharted territory within yourself....

So, why dive into our ancestral history? Because we're connected to a long line of ancestors who've shaped us in ways we can't even imagine. Every individual is the culmination of generations that came before them, carrying within them the stories, struggles, and triumphs of their ancestors. Ancestral healing is like digging into the rich soil of our lineage to understand where we come from, what we've inherited, and what stories might be affecting us today.

It's a gift you give yourself ...We live in a troubled world and even if you are in a place where all of your essential needs are met, you may still feel alone. We are never alone. When we look to the past ... it gives us an insight to how you have come to be and opens the door to healing.

...I am your guide, I hold the flashlight as you walk the path, but what we encounter and discover...the stories, are all yours.. we look together… you often know more than they think.. but together we walk the path. You may have show up not knowing why you are even interested.. but it is the chance to dig through the attic, pull out those old photographs, and piece together a puzzle that's been scattered for far too long. Even if there aren't physical items to look through, there are Genealogy resources that are like breadcrumbs that lead us back to forgotten stories. Historical information paints the backdrop, while family documents and records fill in the gaps. We get a glimpse into their lives, the struggles they faced, and the context of their world.

And when you are done...the healing begins..Ancestral healing isn't just understanding; it's a transformation. By uncovering the untold, we reclaim our history and rewrite our narratives. You break free from the cycle of not knowing, of inventing stories to fill the void. You replace the gaps with truths, and in doing so, we begin to heal.

If you would like to know more about Ancestral Healing you can find more at my website.

Genealogy & Ancestral Healing

and how I can help.

Ancestral Healing is truly a gift and as always, I would love to hear your thoughts or stories.

Share your Questions, Thoughts and Stories with me.

Thanks for reading; we will talk again soon,


Tell Me Our Story- Genealogy/Ancestral Healing

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