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A New Branch

Our lives change everyday.. Some days things change more dramatically than others. When a child is born, especially one that is a new generation there is a shift in the family. A child becomes a parent, a parent becomes a grandparent and a grandparent becomes a great grandparent. In one moment that child has the knowledge and the wisdom of 3 generations.

Immediately the conversation goes to who the new baby looks like.. What has been passed down to them. They have mom’s eyes and dad’s mouth and Uncle Larry’s ears.

In an instant there is also a desire to share all they know with this child so that they will know where they came from. It is the coming together of two families and each wants to share their story

It is one of the most important reasons that a family wants to document their genealogy and their family stories. Because they want to preserve the experience, strength, and hope for a bright future for this new generation. Tell Me Our Story…

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