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Beloved Women in Your History

Beloved Women in Your History: Let’s not lose their stories Researching women is different! Learn how to discover and save the stories of the beloved women in your family, or one you love or miss.

Beloved Women in Your History
Beloved Women in Your History

Time & Location

Mar 19, 2023, 2:00 PM – Mar 20, 2023, 3:30 PM

Interactive zoom event

About the event

Come learn how to discover and save the stories of the beloved women in your family, or a special woman that you love, miss, or want to know more about.

  • Which women in your history have inspired or intrigued you?
  • Who have you heard about?
  • Who helped raise you?
  • What stories have intrigued you?
  • Who do you feel a connection with?
  • Who do you miss?
  • Who do you wish you could have known?

Researching women is different.

Women rarely had papers drawn up in their own names. Women were usually listed publicly only with their married names (and sometimes her husband’s first name but not hers), making it difficult to research and connect back to the families they were born into.

Public records show different information about women when they DO show up there. For example, we may find their number of births versus living children in a census record, or who were the heads of their households.

Women’s personal papers belong in archives, but not only did they rarely generate public documents to save, but they also rarely saved their own personal materials, such as letters, scrapbooks, and diaries, to save in an archive

It’s time to stop discounting the importance of women.

We will show you how to start your research and learn how to preserve these important women’s histories.

It may feel like the past generation may not have many things to archive, but we can be creative – and that lack shows us how important it is for you to save what you have from them, and of your own, for future generations.

Connecting genealogy and archives, we’ll show you how to keep the story going by researching the past and archiving the current and next generations.

Attendees at our last workshop said: “Thank you both for your presentation. It was really interesting… as you shared about what happened in your family. … Thank you for the inspiration and motivation you offer and bring, to explore our unknown territories and find new connections and stories there.“ Cecelia Blair, VT

"I really enjoyed the presentation today. I especially liked the way you used different collections to illustrate points in a clear way. I think you’re filling an important niche. " Gabrielle Michalek, NY

Women often had fewer opportunities, or might have been actively discounted. But their stories do exist — in whatever role they could play. Whether they worked outside the home, did piecework at home, worked full time supporting a family, or started a company, their stories are equally important.

We will help you learn about, and understand, these special women. We will discuss how to capture their lives and preserve their stories so that you, your children, even the world will know just how special these women were!

The role of a woman on the farm, for example, is equal in importance to that of the man tilling the land. She was feeding the chickens (and perhaps the farmhands too), birthing the animals, feeding the family, etc. And that is how women are half of history.

Together we can begin to uncover that history and in this workshop you can learn where to begin to collect and preserve yours.

You may already have a woman in mind as you are reading this. If you don’t – have no fear, you will! 😄

Keep that woman in mind. A special Facebook group will be created for attendees to keep the conversation going – we can come together to share the stories of the women we do not want to lose.

Save your seat now!

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