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We all have a story.

A Story woven together from countless generations. Knowing your story can bring meaning to your life.

Discovering your Ancestors, your Ancestral lineage is how you begin the journey to understand Your Story.

Let's begin your story together!


The heart of discovery for your family story is in the Research. There are many records, documents, archives that contain the information that shows the passage of time from generation to generation and through that research the stories emerge. It is in the census, death and marriage records, immigration, military and historical documents that we will see the story come alive. 


Once we have made the discoveries you need to keep them safe so that they may be shared for generations. Building a Family Tree is how you capture and preserve your story. 


Ready to get started? Let's  schedule a 30 minute call so you can learn more .



What will I discover?  How do I begin?

There is often something that encourages you to begin the journey.  It may be something you have wondered for a long time.  It may be you are interested in finding where your ancestors came from or learning about the journey they took to get here.    It may be you want to know where you fit in the history of the world.  Or it may be, as it often is, you are worried about the loss of the last family storyteller. The thought of losing the stories and the answers to questions or mysteries, the information someone already knows that hasn't yet been documented is why you may want to begin your discovery now.


My mission is to help You discover Your story and understand the legacies others have left you through Genealogy research, Oral histories,  Photographs and the use of DNA technology. I do this by guiding you as you gather the information you already have; provide the research that is needed to move the story forward;  and if there is someone whose oral history you want to capture, I can do that too. This is uniquely different for everyone. You may have already begun the process and need help moving forward, you may not know where to begin or you may want to learn how to do it for yourself. 

Let me help you answer the questions we all want answers to:

Who am I?

Where did I come from?

Wherever you are in your journey, I will meet you there.


Need more information?

Ready to book now?

Have a question?  Want to share a story? Send us an email.  Let me help you begin your journey. 
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