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The heart of discovery for your family story is in the Research. There are many records, documents, archives that contain the information that shows the passage of time from generation to generation and through that research the stories emerge. It is in the census, death and marriage records, immigration, military and historical documents that we see the story come alive. 


Once you have made the discoveries you need to keep them safe so that they may be shared for generations. Building a Family Tree is how you capture and preserve your story.


It's Time To Begin Your Journey
Genealogy Gifts and Services


Book a 30 minute zoom call

where we will learn about your family and answer your questions.

New to Genealogy

One Hour consultation  designed to help you understand the process I use to begin your project. I share about the research tools I have available that will help us discover Your Family's Story and get you started.






New to Genealogy Consultation and

Ready to begin the research 


A three hour session the first hour is designed to help you understand  the process and answer any questions, followed by two hours of research by me.


Capture Your Story and Build Your Family Tree

In the Two Hour Work Session I will:

 Research your family history  adding to or building your newly found history to Your Family Tree.

In addition :


 DNA research can be discussed and used as a tool for research if you are interested.


Along with deciding how you would like to Preserve your newly discovered

Family History.




Book the Amount of Time that is Perfect for you

Need Research to continue Your Story

Overwhelmed or hit the "Brick Wall" in your own Research and need help?

Interested in Learning how to Research yourself?

1 Hour - $85

 2 Hours - $159

 5 Hours - $375


Give a Gift Voucher.

It is a Gift they will Love! 

 Help them start a family tree or continue the research.


Book below

Choose a package 



"This Gift is Amazing...I've always

wanted to do this."

~ Caroline H. 


How do I know what to choose?


-If you are new to Genealogy and not familiar with the different ways to research choose "The New to Genealogy Consultation" - it will give you a chance to understand the process and decide how you would like to  begin the research. 

-If you are new to Genealogy and not familiar with ways to research but know you want to get started right away, choose  "All in One". It will give the opportunity to learn more and also will be able to get your research started. 

-If you are familiar with the Genealogy process and understand how a family tree works, may have even started one and are ready to get started right away, choose  "RESEARCH, Capture Your Story and build Your family Tree."

-If we have already begun Your Story, want additional research, have decided to add DNA research to your project or have a "Brickwall" you have hit in your own research, choose "CONTINUE YOUR  JOURNEY."



Bernadette Thompson of Tell Me Our Story provides an exceptional genealogy service. What sets her apart from others is her huge heart. She is a phenomenal listener and when finding our roots, she makes us feel important. Bernadette brings love and respect to our ancestors. Everyone wants to leave a legacy and she gives you a platform to make this happen. She has given my Mom a sense of importance and belonging. It is a gift to recognize we are part of something bigger than ourselves

~Christy F

Through our ancestry and family history, Bernadette Thompson of Tell Me Our Story, is able to turn records, anecdotes, and photos into a family legacy. Bernadette is a wonderful storyteller, and it is magical how she is bringing us our own story! And Tell Me Our Story is a clever name for Bernadette’s genealogy service, because she has a knack for getting the story from the outside and then bringing it home.

~Erik K



If you are looking for the perfect Genealogy gift then you have come to the right place! Bernadette will research your family history, go over historical documents and build your family tree. She will even help with DNA testing if you want to go deeper. Her services are a great way to capture and preserve your family’s story! Highly recommend!

~Adrian B.

Bernadette of Tell Me Our Story is a truly gifted genealogy researcher. I would recommend anyone interested in ancestry and finding more about their family's story, meet with Bernadette. Her expertise and guidance with tracing family history makes an otherwise daunting project seem easier and much more fun!

​~Julie G


​Want to Learn More? Contact Me Today!

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