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The heart of every family story is in the research.  As a researcher I understand how search, pursue, find, discover, and uncover... your family stories. I am an intuitive explorer of documents and websites so you receive answers, new trails to follow, sometimes a good laugh and always peace. I work with families who have adoption in their family helping them get answers.  I am experienced in using DNA as a genealogy tool and can help families navigate the many different options for testing. And we save these wonderful new discoveries and stories as we build your family tree

It's Time To Begin Your Journey
Genealogy Gifts and Services


Book a 30 minute zoom call

where we will learn about your family and answer your questions.


Let's get Started !This one hour block of time will  be to begin your project, and help you choose a focus for research. I share the research tools I have available that will get us started on your journey. 

(Video recording of session is available and included)

  • Additional research to continue your story.

    2 hr 30 min

    365 US dollars


 Online research to discover records, documents,

stories and photos  

- Two hours dedicated block of research time focused specifically on your project chosen in our planning session.


- An Additional 30 minute review session where I will share the discoveries! 

(video recording  of session is available and included)

  • Service begins with 30 min session to clarify the focus of research fo...

    2 hr

    From 243 US dollars


Book the amount of time that is perfect for you.

Need research to continue Your Story?

Overwhelmed or hit the "Brick Wall" in your own research and need help?​ Interested in learning how to research yourself?​

1 Hour - $85

 2 Hours - $159

 5 Hours - $375

(video recording  of session is available and included)

  • 3 hr

    389 US dollars

New to Genealogy Consultation and
 Research combined.

This is for those who new to Genealogy but are excited to get started! 

-The first hour is designed to help you choose the focus of your project and help you understand  the process, share the tools I use, and answer any additional questions. 

-Two hours of dedicated online research will follow where your discoveries begin


An additional 30 minute review session will be scheduled so I can share the discoveries!

(Video recording of session is available and included)


Choose from any Packages, Ancestral Healing or choose an amount that

fits your budget



Gift Voucher

  • Book an initial 30 minute free session to learn more.

    30 min

    Learn more


Ancestral healing is a practice that involves acknowledging, honoring, and healing the wounds and traumas that have been passed down through generations

- We will have a deeper discussion about Ancestral Healing and your family. It will give you an understanding of how knowing your story will change how you think about yourself.

  - Dedicated research time to uncover what you may not have known.

-  Review sessions will then be scheduled were I will share the discoveries and the Ancestral Healing can begin. 


How do I know what to choose?

If you are new to Genealogy and not familiar with the different ways to research choose "The New to Genealogy Consultation" - it will give you a chance to understand the process and decide how you would like to  begin the research. 

If you are new to Genealogy and not familiar with ways to research but know you want to get started right away, choose  "All in One". It will give the opportunity to learn more and also will be able to get your research started. 

If you are familiar with the Genealogy process and understand how a family tree works, may have even started one and are ready to get started right away, choose  "RESEARCH: Capture Your Story and Build Your Family Tree."

-  If we have already begun Your Story, want additional research, have decided to add DNA research to your project or have a "Brickwall" you have hit in your own research, choose "Continue Your Journey."


​Want to Learn More? Contact Me Today!

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